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Nina Chocolates Macambo Coconut 45 Procent


Nina Chocolates Macambo and Coconut 45 Procent very special (VEGAN MILK) edition!

Nina 45% chocolade Macambo en kokos, hele speciale (VEGAN MELK) editie!

Ingrediënten: Cacao, macambo*, sugar, cacao butter, coconut

*Macambo is the unknown cousin of the cacao with a creamy and nutty taste.

Vrij van: gluten, soya, melk, GMO vrij

Chazuta, San Martín, Perú



Nina Chocolates Macambo Coconut 45 Procent. From Tree to Bar. Single Origin provincie Chazuta in Peru.

About Nina:

Our tree-to-bar chocolate is produced in the same vicinity as our farm and farmers who are involved in the final stages of post harvest production and take the finished chocolate home for their family to enjoy.

Crafting premium chocolate is a wondrous and rewarding experience that demands a dedicated lifestyle of patience and persistence. It’s a journey. We have learnt how to nurture our crop to perfection and the delicate methods of producing international standard fine chocolate. We would like to share with you below, the process we navigate and the considerations that are made at each step of transformation from the tree to the bar.

Nina Chocolate uses only single origin cacao from Chazuta, a region at the edge of the Amazon within San Martin, Peru, an area world famous for its consistently high quality cacao. Fundo Qoya, our farm in Chazuta, and other farms in the region, provide us with high quality, naturally grown, fine flavor cacao.

Gewicht 0,07 kg
Afmetingen 10 × 5 × 1 cm


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