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Nina Chocolates

Nina Chocolates kopen bij The Chocolate Shop. Een overzicht van alle bean-to-bar chocolade repen van Nina Chocolates uit Peru.

Where once we were surrounded by cement blocks, we found ourselves surrounded by majestic forests. Where once there were traffic jams, now we sit on small boats journeying into the sunset on the magnificent Huallaga river.

With each passing day, the Peruvian Amazon opened our eyes and senses. We connected with the Mother spirit, the energy that comes from the mountain, and discovered the knowledge kept in the trees, animals and plants of the area. With its sweet, soft voice, the cacao tree captivated us and it was in the amazing fruit that the mother shared her secret and introduced us to the highest quality chocolate.

We have listened carefully to the forest spirits and have created Tree to Bar chocolate. Using cacao from our own finca (farm) and working with other farmers, from harvesting to processing, we ensure the highest quality product that we want to share with you.

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