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Standout Getmese 58 percent



Getmese is traditional Swedish food. You can compare it to a kind of cheese that is made from goat’s milk whey, which is boiled and then caramelized. This has been produced and eaten in Sweden since the Vikings.

Taste notes: a chocolate bar with sweet notes of caramel and creamy goat cheese.

Origin: Dominican Republic; Öko Caribe

In stock

Nordic Nature offers a plethora of unique flavors that have developed naturally over a long period of time. To honor this heritage, Standout has created a collection of flavored chocolate bars, showcasing only the most distinctive flavors of Scandinavian nature.

Contents: Each bar contains 50 grams of chocolate with a cocoa content of 70%.

Ingredients: The ingredients are organic and simple:
– Cocoa beans*
-Cane sugar*
-Cocoa butter*
-goat milk*

*Organic ingredients

Caution: This product may contain traces of milk.

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