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Krak Chocolate – Hibiscus Vanilla white chocolate 40 percent



Ingredients: cocoa butter, unrefined cane sugar, powdered milk, hibiscus, vanilla

Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Vanilla Ice Cream

Experience this white award-winning chocolate! A beautiful soft mouthfeel, with tasting notes such as a beautiful blueberry ice cream with vanilla when the weather is warmer. This one also goes very well with a little light tea such as an Oolong.

Silver 2018 International Chocolate Awards

Bronze 2019 Academy of Chocolate


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Discover the floral and unique flavors of hibiscus, a special choice that adds a touch of freshness and an exotic touch to every bite. This special combination creates a chocolate that is not only tasty, but also popular with those who want to try something new.

The soft touch of bourbon vanilla from Madagascar combines beautifully with the hibiscus, adding a creamy smoothness that delights the palate and gives the chocolate a rich, luscious texture.

Let yourself be carried away on a taste adventure, where each piece offers a new discovery in a story of complex yet harmonious flavors. The smooth white chocolate serves as the perfect canvas, allowing the standout ingredients – hibiscus and vanilla – to really shine.

Whether you’re a chocolate expert or just looking for a new taste adventure, our White Chocolate Bar with Hibiscus and Vanilla is the perfect choice for anyone looking to rediscover the joy of chocolate.

Treat yourself to an exceptional taste experience. Order your White Chocolate Bar with Hibiscus and Vanilla now and get ready for a chocolate adventure unlike anything you’ve tried before.

Silver Medal in the International Chocolate Awards 2018



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