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Krak Chocolate

An overview of all Krak Chocolate bars that you can buy at The Chocolate Shop. Created by Mark Schimmel with the aim of making the best handmade chocolate from the most beautiful cocoa beans that grow around the equator. Krak makes single origin chocolate, which means that each type of chocolate comes from 1 region.

Just like a good glass of chardonnay from France or Argentina, cocoa also has its specific characteristics due to the terroir, climate and environment. And you can taste it.

In the large factories, the cocoa butter is first separated from the cocoa. The cocoa is then deacidified and made taste- and odor-free, in order to shorten the rolling process.

At Krak, chocolate is made in the traditional way from roasted cocoa beans and unrefined cane sugar and the rolling only stops when the right fineness, aromas and acidity have been achieved. This can take up to 70 hours and produces an intense and slightly acidic chocolate.

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  • TCS Craft Coffee and Tanzania 70 percent by Krak

  • Krak Chocolate Thailand Chantaburi 70 percent vegan (copy)

    Krak Chocolate – Thailand Chantaburi 70 percent vegan

  • TCS Gran Chililique Peru 70 percent made by Krak limited edition

  • Krak Chocolate Vietnam 2021 ANH EM B10 70 percent vegan

    Krak Chocolate – Vietnam 2021 Anh Em B10 70 percent vegan

  • Krak chocolate Tanzania Kokoa Kamili 70 percent organic

    Krak Chocolate – Tanzania Kokoa Kamili 70 percent

  • Krak chocolate Madagascar Mava 'ottange 70%

    Krak Chocolate – Madagascar MAVA Ottange 70 percent

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