Krak chocolate Madagascar Mava 'ottange 70%
Krak Chocolate – Madagascar MAVA Ottange 70 percent


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Krak Chocolate – Madagascar MAVA Ottange 70 percent



Origin: Madagascar Mava Sa, Ferme D’ottange

Percentage: 70%

Taste notes: Citrus, creamy, spicy, earthy

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Many chocolate makers consider Madagascar cocoa to be one of the best cocoa beans in the world. That’s why it’s not surprising that many fine flavor chocolate makers make their bars from this cocoa. The cocoa beans used by Krak Chocolate are slightly different from those of the other chocolate makers, as they come from the Ottange Farm. The Ottange Farm is located on the Ramena River, located in the northwest of Madagascar in the Sambirano Valley. The Ottange Farm belongs to the Mava plantations and is the smallest of the eight plantations. In 2017, the Ottange Farm won the International Cocoa awards. Every year, about 6 tons of cocoa beans are grown on the Ottange farm. Most of this is used by the owner, the Ramanandraibe family, to make their own chocolate. A small part is sold, Krak Chocolade is lucky enough to be able to make their bars from this.

Cocoa percentage 70%
Sugar percentage 30%
Gluten-free Yes
Soy-free Yes
Biological No
Weight 0,08 kg
Dimensions 14,8 × 10,3 × 0,03 cm



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