Mesjokke Tanzania Swinging Sunrise 72 percent 80 grams


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Mesjokke Tanzania Swinging Sunrise 72 percent 80 grams


Tanzania 72 percent

Siku Njema! I am the ray of sunshine of the Mesjokke family. Swinging, exciting and intense.

I was born out of a cosmic combination of forces. Mother Earth has nourished me, Father Sun has warmed me, Uncle Wind has cooled my leaves, and Aunt Rain has quenched my thirst until I was big and fertile . Get your friends and family together, put on a record of KC and the Sunshine Band, and share me with your loved ones. Are you on fire from all this, dance and let yourself go on your positive vibe.

Where did I come from?

My cocoa is obtained Direct Trade from Kokoa Kamili in the Kilombero valley in Tanzania. There, Simran and Brian are very busy collecting cocoa from various small cocoa farmers, and then fermenting and drying it with a lot of love and accuracy.

Brian and Simran always have a radio on at their fermentation center, tuned to the station that is best received at that moment. But their favorite music has to be Tanzanian Zilipendwa Style!

In Utrecht , The Chocolate Explorers – while enjoying a spotify playlist that they were in the mood for at the time – roasted, skinned, ground and tempered just right. So I have been touched by many different hands, and by united forces so that you can now enjoy me. Ujama baby!!

In stock

Cacao: 72%, Kokoa Kamili, Kilombero Valley, Tanzania
80 grams
Motto: Let’s dance!!!
Roast: 10′ 120°, 60′ 100°
Profile: Complex, red fruit with acidity, warm notes of dark chocolate, soft finish
Lure call: Scha-wingngngngng
Sugar: Organic cane sugar, Paraguay

Non-GMO soy lecithin (max. 0.4%)


Weight 0,08 kg
Dimensions 12 × 7,8 × 1 cm



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