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Georgia Ramon Cacao Lassi India 47 percent (kopie)


Milk Chocolate with Yogurt

Milk chocolate with Lassi (yogurt)This creamy and fresh milk chocolate is inspired by the typical Indian yogurt drink lassi, similar to the Turkish Ayran. Salty and fruity lassi are common in all Asian countries.

The cocoa beans, Malabar forest beans, come from GoGround Beans in the water-rich southwest of India.

Lassi drinking is here to stay. From now on you can also eat lassi. Georgia Ramon proves it with this fresh milk chocolate, enriched with fruity cocoa aromas of South Indian cocoa.

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Ingredients: cocoa butter, raw cane sugar, cocoa mass (India, Kerala),
powder (18%), whole

Cocoa variety: Malabar forest beans

Flavour profile: creamy milky with a fresh, slightly sweet note

Guaranteed gluten-free

Contains milk. May contain traces of nuts and milk.

Nährwerte/Nutritional values/Nutritional value Per 100 g
Energy/Energy 617 kcal/ 2583 kJ
Fett/Fat/Fat 54 g
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren/of that saturated fatty acids/ of which saturated 33 g
Kohlenhydrate/Carbohydrates/carbohydrates 11 g
davon Zucker/of that sugar 0.6 g
Eiweiss/Protein/Protein 14 g
Salz/Salt/Salt 0.04 g
Weight 0,05 kg


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