Heinde en Verre – Floral Noble Bali Dark 71 Procent

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Discover from the beautiful green western part of Bali the distinct character of Balinese cacao. This bar excites the senses with a natural rich floral bouquet. It is this combination of flowers and typical warm Indonesian chocolate that makes this bar special. Makes you dream of Bali.



Very gentle dark bar with mouth filling aroma’s of flower and fruit liqueur, light notes of field herbs, honey and grappa, sandelwood, typical warm Indonesian cacao.

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Heinde en Verre – Floral Noble Bali Dark 71 Procent. Elegance from the island of Bali

• Dark chocolate, 71% Cacao
• Single origin: Indonesia, Bali, Tabanan region
• Farmer cooperative: Marga Utama
• Beet sugar from the Netherlands
• Medium-high roast profile

Heinde & Verre chocolate is all natural, no artificial flavours, coloring and preservatives. We do not use alkalizing agents or any other chemicals as is standard practice in the industry. As a result our chocolate has a higher level of anti-oxidants. We just use Slow food techniques, the art of roasting, slow grinding and aging to get the best out of cacao beans.

Chocolate easily adopts flavours from its surrounding, therefore each bar is protected in an airtight aluminum pouch.

Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 cm
Cacao percentage



Heinde & Verre



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