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Svenska Kakaobolaget – 85 percent PERU – Ucayali River Cacao


A dark 85% dark chocolate with elegant notes of rose, lychee and ground pepper.

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Ucayali River Cocoa (URC) is located near Pucallpa in the Amazon region of Peru.

The beans are mainly a blend between the local variety Comun and four other Trinitario clones. With a high content of natural pulp, they are drained prior to fermentation. The wet cocoa is purchased from various farming communities in the areas of Pucallpa and Tingo Maria and then transported to a central fermentation and processing station. The beans go into linked boxes during fermentation and are turned for 5-6 days. They are later dried in the sun on raised tables in the breeding tunnels.

URC has partnered with USAID and Allianza Peru to offer farmers a way out of the Coca industry. URC buys wet beans and pays an additional 10% premium for an equivalent amount of dry weight cocoa. The farmers receive a higher reward for less work, which has made URC a popular partner.

Svenska Kakoabolaget started working with URC at the end of 2017 and the beans are bought directly from origin.

Ingredients: Cocoa, organic cane sugar. May contain traces of nuts and milk

50 grams per bar

Weight 0,05 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 0,5 cm


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