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Pure Imagination Makrut Lime Leaf Davao Philipines


Lime leaves

Discover fresh chocolate conched with fresh hand-picked makrut lime leaves. These leaves are often found in the kitchen of South Asia. This gives a delicious fresh spicy smell and taste to the cocoa.

Davao is located in southeastern Mindanao, the second largest island in the Philippines. The climate is humid and tropical due to the heavy rainfall. Davao is located outside the typhoon region, which means that cocoa can flourish there. This bar is made from a Trinitario cacao variety.

Put a passionate chef from Singapore (Janice Wong) and a passionate chocolate maker (Mario van den Ende, Chocoladtoa) from Belgium together and you will see a wonderful collaboration that really explodes with taste!

Taste notes: fruity, floral, smooth and especially fresh and lime taste notes.

Content: 40 gr

Ingredients: cocoa, organic beetroot sugar, cocoa butter, makrut lime leaves

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Pure Imagination is an adventurous exploration of cacao concocted by award-winning Singapore-based Chef-Artist Janice Wong.

Working directly with farmers in cocoa-rich regions to obtain, process and blend an exclusive batch of bean-to-bar chocolate, these are true artisanal products.

Add to that the Belgian chocolate maker, Mario van den Ende, Chocolatoa, and a great collaboration is born.

Take a bite and enjoy pure imagination.

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