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Original Beans: A Model of Sustainability according to the Chocolate Scorecard 2024


At The Chocolate Shop, we are proud to partner with brands that offer not only exceptional quality, but also an unwavering commitment to sustainability. Original Beans, a pioneer in the world of bean-to-bar craft chocolate, has reached another milestone this year. According to the Chocolate Scorecard 2024, Original Beans ranks number one as the most sustainable chocolate brand.

A 'Good Egg' for Sustainability

The Chocolate Scorecard, created by Be Slavery Free, Mighty Earth and the VOICE network, assesses the social and environmental practices of international chocolate producers. Original Beans has achieved the unique achievement of being the only one to receive six green eggs in all six categories: Traceability & Transparency, Liveable Income, Child & Forced Labor, Deforestation & Climate, Agroforestry and Agrichemical Management². This recognition confirms their regenerative approach to growing and making chocolate.

Innovation and Impact

On LinkedIn, Original Beans shared an inspiring update on their ongoing commitment to regeneration and sustainability. Their dedication to preserving rare cocoa varieties and supporting local communities is an inspiration to us all.

Progressive and Responsible

As chocolate lovers and advocates of sustainable practices, we applaud Original Beans’ efforts. Their success on the Chocolate Scorecard 2024 is a testament to what is possible when companies choose ethics and the environment over profits.

Stronger Together

At The Chocolate Shop, we believe that collaboration is the key to a more sustainable future. We invite you to read more about the impact of Original Beans and how we can work together for a better world.

  • Original Beans Beni Wild Harvest Bolivia 66 percent

    Original Beans Beni Wild Harvest Bolivia 66 percent

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