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Discover the Wild Beauty of Beni Wild 66% Chocolate

We always look for chocolate that not only caresses the taste buds, but also touches the heart. We are proud to present the Beni Wild 66% from Original Beans, a chocolate that tells the story of a pristine landscape and a commitment to sustainability.

A Rare Delicacy

The Beni Wild 66% is no ordinary chocolate. It is the result of careful harvesting of wild cocoa beans from the Beni region of Bolivia. These beans are so unique that they do not fit into industrial standards; they are small, but exceptionally flavorful, like wild strawberries.

Taste Notes That Tell Stories

With each bite of the Beni Wild 66%, flavors of fruity honey and jasmine tea unfold, followed by subtle notes of cream, almonds and cocoa1. This chocolate is an ode to the natural richness of the Beni, where the last blue-throated kelaras fly over the chocolate islands and cocoa collectors can often only reach their trees by canoe1.

Sustainability at Its Best

Original Beans is committed to preserving wild cocoa lands and protecting animals such as the blue-throated kelara. With each purchase of Beni Wild 66%, you contribute to the preservation of this cocoa wilderness and its vibrant inhabitants.

Taste the Passion

We invite you to experience this special chocolate and become part of a movement that combines taste with responsibility. Visit The Chocolate Shop and be taken on a journey into the wild, untamed beauty of Beni Wild 66%.

  • Original Beans Beni Wild Harvest Bolivia 66 percent

    Original Beans Beni Wild Harvest Bolivia 66 percent

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