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Mesjokke Sense of Spring 80 grams Dark with Lavender


Yes! We can go outside again! The flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing, fresh green leaves are already on the trees and the sun is as yellow as a lemon in the sky. All elements that make me so delicious at this time of year.

My base is a 72% loving chocolate. But I’ve been made extra fragrant and powerful by adding a tiny bit of lavender , exactly what gives you that lovely light, happy feeling of the sunny months. So grab your flip-flops out of the closet, go outside with your loved one and recharge yourself in the warmth of the sun. Turn a graceful swing and take a bite of me: bliss now flows through your body.

Where did I come from?

My cocoa beans are obtained through Direct Trade from Åkesson’s Bejofo Estate in North West Madagascar. After picking, the cocoa beans were fermented for 6 days by Christian and dried for 5 to 14 days (depending on the weather) by Marguerite. Christian and Marguerite are totally Mesjokke of cocoa and prefer listening to local Saleg folklore music. I was then expertly roasted, skinned, ground and tempered in Utrecht.

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Chocolate: 72% Dark Chocolate with a pinch of lavender
Supplier: Akesson’s, Sambirano Valley, Madagascar
Cocoa type: Trinitario
Profile: Fruity, sour, floral, summery
Lure: Ssssnnnnnnfffff, aaaaaahhhhhhh!!
Sugar: Cane sugar from Paraguay
Cocoa price: We pay €6.30/kg for this cocoa
Weight 0,04 kg
Dimensions 12 × 7,8 × 1 cm


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