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Menakao Madagascar chocolate dark 72 percent


Menakao Dark Chocolate

A dark chocolate sweetened in moderation, just enough to release the deep cocoa flavor and distinct notes of red fruit. An intense, elegant and bright chocolate with a long, rich and subtle acidic finish.

The image corresponds to the portrait of a Mahafaly woman (“Those who make taboos” or “Those who make people happy”). Located in southwestern Madagascar, the Mahafaly people are especially famous for the tombs they built to honor their leaders and kings. Their tombs consist of large stone squares surmounted by wooden sculptures called “Aloalo”, which means “the messenger” between the worlds of life and the dead, and piles of zebu horns. The Aloalos are sculpted with geometric patterns and crowned with figures or naïve scenes from life. Mahafaly art is also reflected in some very characteristic hairstyles, as illustrated here.

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The majority of chocolate developed from 100% Madagascan cocoa beans is made overseas. Unlike Manakao’s beans. These products are processed entirely in Madagascar at Manakao’s Madagascan factory – from the cocoa tree to the packaged bar – so much more income goes directly to the people of Madagascar.


Madagascan cocoa beans, cane sugar, pure cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin.

Awards: Academy of Chocolate Awards 2013, Bronze Medal in the category “Meilleure tablette aromatisée”
2013: Great Taste Awards organised by the “Guild of Fine Foods” in England; Gold Medal – 1 star
2012: Great Taste Awards organised by the “Guild of Fine Foods” in England; Gold Medal – 2 stars

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