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Definite Chocolate 57 percent macadamia milk vegan


Definite: 57 percent origin Dominican Republic, vegan milk chocolate based on macadamia and cashew.

Ingredients: Cocoa beans (BIO), cane sugar, cocoa butter, cashew milk powder, macadamia nuts

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Ingredients: cocoa beans, cocoa butter, cane sugar, macadamia milk,

Definite Chocolate

Definite Chocolate is an artisan chocolate maker from the Dominican Republic.

Jens and Marjorie met in 2008. Marjorie is from the Dominican Republic and the couple and child moved there in 2015.

Jens wanted to be a chef from an early age, but became an engineer in the energy sector. Cooking became his hobby and took courses to make chocolates in his spare time. In 2014 he visited the Salon du Chocolat in Cologne and became addicted to chocolate.

In the Dominican Republic, he turned his hobby into his profession. Marjorie and Jens started Definite Chocolate, the first Dominican chocolate maker to win an award at the Academy of Chocolate in 2018. Definite grew, in 2019 it moved from the kitchen to a real workshop and a tempering machine was purchased – until then, Jens had been tempering by hand.

Jens and his staff make chocolate, Marjorie does everything around it: packaging design, finance, taste tests, social media and whatnot.

The motif on the beautiful packaging is derived from the decorations of the colonial houses that still stand on the island.

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