Cru de Cacao craft Bonbons 16 pieces


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Cru de Cacao craft Bonbons 16 pieces


Cru de Cacao bonbons 16 pieces

Since they have been in our store it has been a hit. They come back from all over The Hague! Consistent quality, flexibility and an eye for honest and fresh products, these are a few reasons why we like to work with Tom!

For the preparation of these Grand Cru chocolates, Tom uses the Grand Cru line from Felchlin. By using this chocolate line, he offers the highest quality chocolates prepared in a traditional way in the workshop in Tilburg.

The Grand Cru Bonbons are packed in a luxury bonbon box.

In the flavors: Yuzu/kalamansi – Almond – Pink Water – Raspberries/hibiscus – Vanilla – Coffee/Cardamom – Passion caramel – Cassis/lavender – Cointreau

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Cru de Cacao

Chocolatier Tom Stalpers

Tom Stalpers, Chocolatier and Pastry Chef at heart, has been the founder and owner of Cru de Cacao since 2018. With beautiful references such as the Kurhaus in Scheveningen, Restaurant Boreas in Heeze and Maison van den Boer in Veghel, he has been able to lay a good foundation for his passion. The highlight and biggest motivation for the start of Cru de Cacao is his participation in the Culinary Team The Netherlands, where he won gold with his desserts at the IKA Olympiad der Koche in 2016.

Cru de Cacao stands for Passion, Flexibility and Stability.

”Passion” Cru de Cacao has a passion for producing beautiful products. As Cru de Cacao, we make use of a beautiful and stable collaboration with Felchlin chocolate. We want to pass on this passion to our customers with a lot of love with our products.
”Flexibility” Cru de Cacao is flexible in many ways. This includes fast deliveries, continuous development of products in consultation with the customer and products made according to your own wishes.
”Stability” Cru de Cacao stands for making a delicious product for our consumers and business partners with always fresh raw materials in order to offer safety and continuity.

Fair Direct Cocoa

The Grand Cru chocolate from Felchlin is our pride and joy of which we make our products in our workshop in Tilburg. The family-owned company Felchlin has been producing chocolate in Schwyz, Switzerland, for 110 years. In order to make the cocoa production chain more sustainable, Felchlin has drawn up its own guideline called “Cacao Sélection Felchlin”. This means that Felchlin works in a transparent way and directly with cocoa farmers on site, so that they can benefit from good conditions. The consideration of natural resources in cocoa regions makes it possible to preserve them for long-term use, so that future generations can also benefit from cocoa production. Through long-term contracts, Felchlin builds a sustainable relationship with the cocoa drillers and by paying fair prices, cocoa farmers can actually invest in sustainable cocoa production. In return, Felchlin gets the best quality cocoa with intense flavors. On our products you will find a QR code with the label “Fair Direct Cacao”, so you can find even more background information about this company philosophy.

Origin of cocoa beans

In short, we know where our cocoa beans are grown and we are aware of the working and production conditions in the countries of origin. We also think it’s really important that growing cocoa beans is both socially acceptable for farmers and their families, but also in harmony with nature

In the flavors: Yuzu/kalamansi – Almond – Pink Water – Raspberries/hibiscus – Vanilla – Coffee/Cardamom – Passion caramel – Cassis/lavender – Cointreau

CREAM – Sao Palme 36% (sugar, cane sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, skimmed MILK powder, Whole MILK powder, CREAM powder, Emulsifier E322 SOY lecithin, Sunflower lecithin, Vanilla Madagascar cocoa minimum 35,36,40,49%,36% 60,64,65,68) -Edelweiss 36% – Opus Blanc 35% – BUTTER – Glucose syrup – Sugar – Maracaibo Creole – Bolivia 68% – Costa Rica 40% – Madagascar 64% – Maracaibo 65% – Glycerin – Inhaler – Cassis Puree – Passion Puree – Pâté Noble Valencia – Yuzu%,49%%,64%%,68% Puree – Cointreau Concentrate 60% – Pink Water – Kalamansi Puree – Mango Puree – Coffee Beans Costa Rica – Sorbitol – Lavender Concentrate 60% – Hibiscus – Raspberry Concentrate 60% – Vanilla Madagascar – Lime Puree – Cardamom – Sea Salt

Lactose – Nuts – Soy – May contain traces of gluten and nuts.


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