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The Story of Pure Chocolate Company: A Journey from Cacao to Chocolate


Pure Chocolate Company is a Jamaican artisan chocolate brand created in January 2017 out of a desire to give back and develop a long-dormant and underappreciated local product in Jamaica – the amazing cocoa.

The Driving Forces

The driving forces behind Pure are Rennae Johnson and her husband Wouter Tjeertes. Rennae is an experienced pastry chef, born and raised in Jamaica, and knows the land, the farmers and the community. Wouter has three decades of experience as an executive pastry chef and chocolatier at several high-end resorts and boutique bakeries in the Caribbean and Europe. Together, as partners in business and in life, they combine their love for each other with the love of creating a unique chocolate brand from the land of wood and water.

From Cocoa to Chocolate: The Process

The Harvest

Their journey begins in the lush cocoa gardens of Suriname. Here the cocoa beans are hand-picked to ensure that only the ripest and best beans are selected.

Fermenting and Drying

After harvesting, the beans are carefully fermented and dried, a crucial process that brings out the unique flavors and aromas of their chocolate.

Roasting and Grinding

The beans are then roasted to develop their rich chocolate flavor. After roasting, the beans are ground into a fine paste, the basis for their delicious chocolate.

The Chocolate

Pure Chocolate Company is proud of their handmade chocolates, made with love and attention to detail. Whether you like dark chocolate, milk chocolate or anything in between, there is a Pure Chocolate Company chocolate that is perfect for you.

Why Do They Do It?

To improve the lives of those they work with! They have been working with cocoa for more than 20 years, and in those years they have learned that the chocolate world is not always a fair world. Cocoa farmers are often underpaid, and in some countries child labor is still daily routine. With Pure, they want to show that it is possible to make chocolate that benefits everyone, starting with the farmers, by getting to know them, working closely together to improve their wonderful product and paying them a premium price for their produce.

In conclusion

At Pure Chocolate Company, their passion for chocolate is what drives them. They invite you to be part of their journey and experience the magic of their handmade chocolate.

  • Tan Bun Skrati 100 percent Suriname

  • Tan Bun Skrati 80 percent Suriname

  • Tan Bun Skrati 72 percent Suriname

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