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Handmade Chocolate of Cocoa from Suriname Gardens


At Tan Bun Skrati, artisan chocolate is made from the harvest in privately managed gardens to the moment of enjoyment. Discover the unique process of cocoa harvesting in remote gardens scattered throughout the districts of Saramacca, Wanica, Para and Commewijne. The skilled hands that tend the harvest also supervise fermentation, drying, and all the steps required to make this delicious chocolate, right down to the careful packaging and shipping of the bars.

Tan Bun Skrati: Artisanal Chocolate from Tree to Bar

Ellen and Rutger of Tan Bun Skrati brings craftsmanship and Surinamese cocoa together in a unique chocolate experience. The company harvests cocoa in privately managed gardens and orchards, processes the cocoa in the capital Paramaribo, and delivers artisanal bars that reflect the rich history of Surinamese cocoa.

Cocoa harvest in Privately Managed Gardens and Orchards

Suriname’s cocoa has deep roots, even before its commercial cultivation in 1686. Indigenous history, although not documented, shares great similarities in preparation with the Maya. Cocoa, processed into cocoa drink and strips called “skrati,” is prepared and enjoyed in a similar way in Suriname.

Wild Coast of Suriname

Suriname, the smallest country in South America, is home to both wild cocoa in the rainforest and cultivated Trinitario cocoa along the coast. Tan Bun Skrati invites you to explore the enchanting Wild Coast and enjoy the fruits of this special cocoa.

Influences of Immigrants on Skrati

The rich tradition of “skrati” is influenced by immigrants, with specific spices and rituals adding a recognizable Surinamese flavor. Traditions such as “aiti dei” and “Kabra neti” reflect the diversity of Surinamese cocoa.

History of Surinamese Cocoa

Suriname has an ancient history in cocoa farming, from the 17th century to the present day. Tan Bun Skrati plays a role in transforming the story, from the influence of Jews from Pernambuco to the cocoa plantations during slavery and later challenges and successes.

From Poor to Rich: A New Chapter

Global interest in traceable, quality chocolate brought Surinamese cocoa back into the spotlight. Tan Bun Skrati, with premium products such as 72%, 80% and 100% chocolate bars, turned the story of Surinamese cocoa into a remarkable poor-to-rich story.

Revival of Local Cocoa

The renewed focus on local Surinamese cocoa is leading to new plantings and growing demand. Tan Bun Skrati, responding to this rising demand, now also produces the old-style, coarsely ground cocoa, completing the circle of the “skrati” story.

In conclusion

Enjoy the craft, history and taste of Surinamese cocoa with Tan Bun Skrati. Each piece tells not only a story of craftsmanship but also a story of Surinamese cocoa, from its indigenous roots to a promising future.

  • Tan Bun Skrati 100 percent Suriname

  • Tan Bun Skrati 80 percent Suriname

  • Tan Bun Skrati 72 percent Suriname

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