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Akesson’s Brazil Fazenda Sempre Firme 55%


This is the second milk chocolate and the first dark milk chocolate crafted by Bertil. We particularly enjoy how the roasted fruit and woody notes of the Brazilian beans are lifted by the sweetness from the milk.

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In 2009, Bertil and his Brazilian partner Dr Angelo Calmon de Sa purchased the historic Fazenda Sempre Firme in Bahia, eastern Brazil. This 120Ha cacao plantation is situated right in the middle of the extraordinary Mata Atlantica wild forest, claimed by Åkesson’s to have the highest levels of biodiversity on earth. For Bertil, who has managed to recreate local social structures on the estate, the best reward he could possibly ask for was to hear the community refer to the Fazenda as “paraiso” (paradise).

At Bertil’s Fazenda, they grow a cacao variety native to Bahia called Parasinho. This is a traditional variety which was, state Åkesson’s “the glory of Bahia” during its golden years of the 20th century. This is a very small variant of Forastero cacao. Åkesson’s Brazil dark milk has been crafted from parasinho beans harvested at Fazenda Sempre Firme.May contain traces of: soy, gluten, lactose and dairy products.

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