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Chocolate Tasting Kit – Session 5


*Bestel nu de tasting kit voor de live session 5 van 11 Juni 2020!*


Verzend datum tasting kits  8/9 juni, in Nederland zonder verzendkosten!

Send date tasting kits outside of The Netherlands 4/5th  June!

Beware that our¬†experience with sending the Kits to France can take a bit longer, we¬†can’t take¬†responsibility¬†to that (we¬†wish we can…)

Heb je al een keer meegedaan of wil je het thuis ook een keer proberen, bestel nu je tasting kit voor de live IG sessie van donderdag 11 juni

Yes, drie prachtige stukken craft chocolate voor onze tweede Chocolate Tasting Kit! Met dit keer als thema: India eo!

  • Let op: de live sessie wordt gegeven in het Engels
  • Beware: the live session will be given in English!

Check out our stars for session 1, 2 and 3 below this page! A live event on IG given by Lauriane Avril, certified chocolate taster and chocoholic!

Are you a craft chocolate maker and you want to be featured on one of our live sessions for example with a new origin or new flavor or maybe it is you first attempt : ) ?

Feel free to contact us at





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Set van Sessie 1, donderdag 16 april 2020

  • Sample 1: Mesjokke Belize 72%
  • Sample 2: Svenska Kakaobolaget Peru 85%
  • Sample 3: Krak Colombia Sierra Nevada Milk Chocolate 55%

Set van Sessie 2, donderdag 30 april 2020

  • Sample 1: Krak Filipijnen 70%
  • Sample 2: Heinde en Verre Bali 71%
  • Sample 3: Marou Lam Dong 74%

Set van Sessie 3, donderdag 14 mei 2020

  • Sample 1: Luisa’s Vegan Chocolate ¬†Madagascar 72%
  • Sample 2: Mirzam Tanzania 72%
  • Sample 3: Chocolatoa 80%

Set van Sessie 4…..


By default all chocolates are free of allergens. We try to offer the tasting kits with only dark chocolate (65% and over) without nuts or milk.

If we decide to offer a milky or flavor set it will be highlighted in the next tasting kits!

By serious allergies, please let us know in advance!

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