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Valentine’s Day Chocolate Package No1


Love goes through the stomach! Order your Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one now.
With 3 different bean-to-bar origin bars, all with a well-known theme.
This package will be sent beautifully wrapped, as a gift and with a lot of love!

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Four different bean-to-bar origin bars with a love theme.

Wikipedia says the following about Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Day is a day when lovers give each other extra attention with, for example, gifts, flowers or cards. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14. Pope Gelasius I proclaimed February 14 as Saint Valentine’s Day in 496.

Valentine’s Day coincides with the feast day of two Christian martyrs named Valentinus. However, the customs associated with the day have nothing to do with the lives of these saints. There are several holy martyrs named Saint Valentine. One was a priest in Rome, another was bishop of Terni. Both were put to death in the 3rd century. It is possible that this is the same person. No biographical information is known about Saint Valentine.


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