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The Dutch Craft Chocolate Makers Package


*The Dutch Craft Makers Chocolate Package*

We are really proud of this! Meet 4 different homegrown Craft Chocolate Makers. There’s something for everyone. This box contains 2 milk chocolates and 2 dark chocolates!

Contents of this package:

  • Chocolate Makers milk 40% with sea salt origin Dominican Republic 85 gr
  • Krak Chocolate milk 55% Colombia Sierra Nevada 80 gr
  • Far and wide 71% Dutch Blend Brazil, Bali & Venezuela 60 gr *the blend is almost finished by the makers and by us, it will be replaced by another pure variant of van Heinde en Verre!
  • Mesjokke 72% Tanzania Swingin’ Sunrise 80 gr! (different from the 40gr. on picture!)

Read on below for a description of the bars and makers!

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Chocolate Makers milk 40% with sea salt Dominican Republic 85 gr.

Meet Rodney and Enver’s chocolate. Recently they opened the most sustainable chocolate factory in the whole of the Netherlands, maybe even the world, in Amsterdam. Part of their cocoa arrives on the Tres Hombres, a sailboat, completely CO2 neutral. They and of course we as a sustainable chocolate shop are very proud of this.

Krak Chocolate milk 55% Colombia Sierra Nevada 80 gr.

Mark Schimmel, the maker from Ermelo , has earned his spurs in various Michelin star restaurants. In search of the best chocolate, he once decided to make it himself. Not entirely without merit in our opinion! What a pleasure we find to work with Mark and to be able to feed his bars. This package contains his first milk origin chocolate!

Far and Wide: 71% Dutch Blend Brazil, Bali & Venezuela 60 gr.

Ewald and Jan-Willem are two enthusiastic pioneers from Rotterdam when it comes to making chocolate blends. With a background as a vinologist, they really make a study of it and you can taste that in this Dutch Blend. The Dutch Blend is made from beans from Brazil, Bali and Venezuela.

*This chocolate is almost gone from the makers, there is only a single bar left. When the stock runs out, we replace the Blend with another complementary pure bar from Far and Away

Mesjokke 72% Tanzania Swingin’ Sunrise 80 gr.

Mesjokke is the brand of Per and Luc from Utrecht. They have been involved in the Dutch bean-to-bar movement for some time now. Besides the fact that they work with beautiful and honest origins, they are also two very pleasant men to work with. We are happy to have them in our range! This Swingin’ Sunrise will make your day! If you order this package in April, we will add mini bar Brazil completely free of charge!

*This chocolate is temporarily replaced by Mesjokke D.A.R.C angel


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