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Standout Liquorice & Beech Smoked Sea Salt 67%


Liquorice/Liquorice with beech smoked sea salt!

In Sweden they love liquorice, hey yes we can do some of it too.

So Standout decided to combine their favorite cocoa from Öko Caribe from the Dominican Republic with the best licorice from Calabria in Italy, and unrefined sea salt smoked for about 5-6 days with pure beech wood shavings.

The result is a full-bodied and well-balanced bar, with a long and clean aftertaste.

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Nordic Nature is full of truly exceptional flavors that have naturally developed over a long period of time. To pay homage to this heritage, we have created a collection of flavoured chocolate bars, incorporating only the most distinctive flavours of Nordic Nature.

Contents: Each bar contains 50 grams of chocolate with a cocoa content of 67%.

Ingredients: The ingredients are organic and simple:
– Cocoa beans*
-Cane sugar*
-Cocoa butter*
– Beech-smoked sea salt*

*Organic ingredients

Caution: This product may contain traces of milk.

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