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Mesjokke, Limited Winter Spiced Edition, Nicaragua 72% 40gr


BBBBrrrr it’s so cold! Take me. I’m the little brother of the D.A.R.C. Angel: warm, spicy and a bit naughty.

My base is a 72% single origin cool chocolate. But I’m much more exciting than that. With a hint of cinnamon and a pinch of ginger , The Chocolate Explorers have instilled fire and passion in me, just what you need in the cold months. But I won’t tell you what spices have been used; That is strictly secret. Light a nice fireplace or candle , put on your favorite warm sloppy sweater, wipe the frost off your windows, take a bite and let yourself be seduced by my warming pleasure.

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Where did I come from?

My cocoa beans were obtained Direct Trade from Cacao Bisiesto: an organization run by Giff Laube and Jose Enrique Herrera. Giff and Jose are totally Mesjokke from cocoa. They buy fresh cacao from small farmers in the region and then skillfully ferment and dry it. Giff likes funky jazz music, while Jose Enrique goes more Mesjokke on the exotic sounds of Santana. In the Mesjokke chocolate factory in Utrecht, I was then expertly roasted, skinned, ground and tempered – from bean-to-bar. Then I was completely flavored with delicious spices. If you want to know more about this, check out our website, or give us a call, and we’ll explain.

Please note that this is the 40gr version

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