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Krak Chocolate – The Philippines Kablon Farms BIO


Philippines Kablon Farms 70% BIO

Awarded silver by the Academy of Chocolate 2020

Origin: Kablon Farms
Percentage: 70%
Flavor profile: Creamy, sweet, citrus, tropical rainforest, pineapple and green bananas, smoky, earthy

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Kablon Farms is located in the Philippines. Cocoa beans are harvested on this plantation that grow alongside tropical fruits, coconut trees, and black pepper plants. This is what gives it its specific character. The cocoa that comes from Kablon Farm is fermented in wooden crates for four days, after which they are dried in the sun for 5 to 7 days. The cocoa has a low acidity, mild bitterness and a hint of tropical fruit, blackcurrants and flowers. Since 1950, Kablon Farm has been harvesting this refined cocoa, from which Krak Chocolate lovingly makes beautiful chocolate.

Cocoa percentage 70%
Sugar percentage 30%
Gluten-free Yes
Soy-free Yes
Biological Yes
Weight 0,08 kg
Dimensions 14,8 × 10,3 × 0,03 cm


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