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Holy Cow India Kerala Chai 52 percent vegan


Harvest 2022

Craving an authentic and flavorful chai latte experience? This is a fair deal with Indian premium cocoa and spices’

The Chai Blend consists of 5 spices (cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and black pepper) and a little black tea.

The spice mix is made by Food Travellers from Ghent. We combine this blend with our oats with chocolate recipe. With premium cocoa and natural cocoa butter from our (own) sustainable, fair and transparent cocoa chain.

Taste: oats, cocoa, chai

Aroma: buttery (toffee) and fruity, spicy

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Special features and ingredients

Min. 52% cocoa ingredients, of which 28.5% natural cocoa butter – single origin Kerala, India & 28.5% cane sugar, 17.5% oats, 23.5% cocoa mass, 2% Chai Latte Blend (Food Travellers)

Eco-friendly packaging

100% vegan

Variety of beans: Trinitario and Forastero

Fermented in cascading wooden boxes (type of wood: Wild Jackfruit). Sun-dried under UV greenhouses, on wooden tables with nets.

Hand-sorted and selected by women from the local community.

Minimum 85% cocoa ingredients, of which 8-10% natural cocoa butter – single origin Kerala, India.

Howly Cow has chosen to use Belgian beet sugar to keep the process as local as possible, but also to bring out the developed fine flavors of the cocoa and keep the flavor profile pure.

FREE FROM cocoa blends, non-traceable (deodorized) cocoa butter, (vanilla) flavors, lecithin or other additives

Nutritional value per 100g: Energy: 2552 kJ/616 Kcal Fat: 49 g – of which saturated fats: 30 g Carbohydrates: 28 g – of which sugars: 17 g Protein: 11 g Salt: 0.08 g

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