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Das Bernsteinzimmer 8 vegan chocolates


Vegan Chocolates

Receive a selection of 8 vegan, organic, award-winning chocolates in a bonbon box.

These chocolates are made with care and you can taste it, the team of Das Bernstein works with chocolate from small farmers’ cooperatives in Ecuador and Madagascar. The vegan fillings are delicious and well matched.

The contents of the box may differ from the pictures below. We provide varying content. During checkout, preferences can be passed in the notes. We take this into account as much as possible.

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Philosophy Das Bernsteinzimmer

Founded in 2015 as the first purely organic vegan manufacturer of praline and confectionery in Germany, their rethinking does not stop at the products: for the cocoa, they work together with small farmers’ cooperatives in Madagascar and Ecuador, where it is processed directly on site to give the cocoa the best quality, thus giving the local population a greater share in the value chain. You won’t find artificial flavors and colors, soy lecithin, and preservatives here.

The company is powered by GreenplanetEnergy

It smells: of freshly roasted nuts, nougat and cocoa. In between are aromas of exotic spices. Cinnamon? Cardamom? Or maybe allspice?

In the factory, high-quality ingredients are combined into small works of art. In addition to quality, the focus is always on taste and the special. The idea of “Das Bernsteinzimmer” was born when Oliver stumbled upon Solvejg’s chocolate creations in 2014 and the creative soul of the trained chocolatier merged with the down-to-earth thinker and business economist.

A glance at an amber ring, an ancient heirloom of the Solvejg family, gave rise to the name – “Das Bernsteinzimmer” was born. Since then, they have been striving to enchant you with new creations. Classics such as nougat, marzipan and brittle meet freshly roasted nuts, precious herbs and noble essences.

What is important to them is balance, so that the taste buds are sent on a journey of pleasure where, in addition to the familiar, the new and exotic, the chocolate gourmet awaits.

They are certified organic and the aspects of sustainability and fair trade are firmly anchored in our company philosophy. You can see and taste this passion in every praline and every piece of chocolate that comes out of our factory.

That they are not the only ones who are convinced of the quality of the chocolates is evident from the many prizes they have received at major chocolate competitions.

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