Coffee and Chocolate Package – Cream


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Coffee and Chocolate Package – Cream


Chocolate and coffee are a golden combination. With our partner Giraffe Coffee Roasters from Rotterdam we did a tasting and made beautiful coffee and chocolate sets. In this set you will find our ultimate creamy coffee from Colombia with two bars of chocolate from the Dutch brand Krak. A bar of milk chocolate from Colombia and a 70% bar from the Philippines.

*Side note: The coffee beans may differ from what is in the photo or in description. This is due to the availability of the coffee beans. We provide a more than worthy fresh substitute of similar origin and appropriate flavor profile.


This is what you can expect from the interplay of the Giraffe coffee origin Colombia in combination with Krak, Philippines and Colombia.

The Colombian coffee reminds you of a slice of gingerbread with citron fruits and a thick stroke of butter. It is surprising that it is precisely this coffee that releases the refined fresh acidity in the milk chocolate.

And have you noticed the earthy and creamy notes in this amazing milk chocolate before? Filipino chocolate already has a nice spicy character on its own. With the coffee, this combination becomes nice and fresh and gets a nice nutty and creamy character. This is pure synergy of creamy flavors, you will never cease to be amazed!

Weight 0,750 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm


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