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Performing a Cocoa Ceremony: A Guide

Part 5


A cocoa ceremony is a powerful ritual that can promote both individual and collective transformation. With proper preparation and execution, it can be a deeply enriching experience. In this blog post, we walk through the steps of performing a cocoa ceremony, using The Chocolate Shop’s “Ceremonial Grade Drinking Cacao Peru 200 gr.

Preparation of Space and Cocoa:

  • Make sure the ceremony space is ready, as described in the previous blog post.
  • Prepare the ceremonial cocoa according to the instructions in blog post 3.

Open the Ceremony:

  • Begin the ceremony by forming a circle and stating the intention for the meeting.
  • You can open the ceremony with a short meditation or a ritual that is meaningful to you, such as lighting a candle or saying a prayer or poem.

Drink the Cocoa:

  • Serve the cocoa to each participant. Take a moment of silence to appreciate the cocoa and confirm the intention of the ceremony.
  • Drink the cocoa slowly and with full attention.

The Core of the Ceremony:

  • This may vary depending on the group and intention. It can include meditation, singing, dancing, sharing stories or whatever resonates with the group.
  • Encourage openness and authenticity so that each participant feels free to share their experience.

Closing Ceremony:

  • Close the ceremony by expressing gratitude for the cocoa and experiences shared.
  • End with a moment of silence or a closing ritual appropriate to the group.

In conclusion

The cocoa ceremony is a wonderful way to connect with yourself and others. It is a path to self-discovery and community building.

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