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Creating a Ceremonial Space and Atmosphere

Part 4


A cocoa ceremony is not just a moment to drink cocoa, it is an experience enriched by the environment in which it takes place. In this blog post, we discuss how to create the perfect space and atmosphere for your cocoa ceremony, using The Chocolate Shop’s ‘Ceremonial Grade Drinking Cocoa Peru 200 gr’.

Choose the Right Location:

  • The location is crucial to creating the right atmosphere. This can be a quiet room in the house, a garden, or any place where you feel connected and comfortable.
  • Provide a clean, tidy space, free of distractions and distracting noises.

Create a Sacred Atmosphere:

  • Use items such as candles, flowers, or symbolic objects to create a sacred atmosphere.
  • If you want to use music, choose soft, soothing music that enriches the experience without being overpowering.

Comfortable Seating:

  • Provide comfortable seating, such as cushions or chairs, where all participants can feel relaxed.
  • If it is a group ceremony, consider a circle arrangement to promote a sense of equality and connection.

Set the Intention:

Before the ceremony begins, take time to set your intention. This may be a personal goal, a wish for the group, or a general thought for the good of all.

In conclusion

Creating a special space for your cocoa ceremony increases the impact and significance of this experience. By paying attention and care to the environment, you invite deeper connection and reflection.

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