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Tobago Cocoa Estate Chocolate – Francois Pralus 70% – 50gr


Tobago Estate Chocolate W.I. Trinitario 70% chocolate

Roxborough Tobago W.I. Single Estate. Made by: François Pralus

Just after reading this, close your eyes 🙂 This estate is nestled in the green hills of Roxborough and overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. Roxborough Estate gives the focus to sustainability and preservation of their tropical wild life. The island of Tobago is seen as the birthplace of the Trinitario cacao bean.

The chocolate gives a soft mouthfeel à la Pralus with flavour notes such as caramel, red cherries and dried fruits. The cacao is a typical Trinitario.

Ingredients: cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter
Free from: gluten, soy, GMO free


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The beans come from a plantation that was established in 2004 by Tobago Estate’s founder, Duane Dove. It took six years to “harvest” the fruits of the labor, the chocolate. The beans were processed by the master chocolatier François Pralus in his factory in Roanne in France.

If you’re spending your vacation in Trinidad or Tobago, don’t miss a chocolate tour at Tobago Estate Chocolate’s cocoa plantation. Very often, she is led directly by the boss Duane Dove. You can tell right away that he has a passion for chocolate!

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