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Svenska Kakaobolaget – 55% LAKRITS – Öko Caribe, Dominican Republic


A dark milk chocolate with creamy notes of nut, honey and caramel.

AWARDED: Silver medal in International Chocolate Awards – Bean to bar, Europe

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A darker milk chocolate with a nicely tuned balance between the nutty notes of the cocoa and the creaminess of the milk. In this version, the vanilla has been omitted to make the natural flavor of the cocoa more dominant.

For this chocolate, the cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic are used. Öko-Caribe is a well-established fermentation source in the province of Duarte. The fermentation company buys from neighboring farms and ferments about 450 tons per year.

The cocoa is fermented in 4-fold boxes for 5-6 days before being dried in gauze-covered decks and cement patios under greenhouse roof.

Öko Caribe maintains close relationships with its 165 farmers through technical training, agronomic practices and organic certification. In addition, owners Adriano and Gualberto have personal relationships with all farmers, who offer microfinance loans for cocoa-related expenses, as well as personal loans for family emergencies or other community needs. We have been working with Öko-Caribe since 2018.

Ingredients: Cocoa, sugar, milk powder, cocoa butter, Calabrian liquorice (Amarelli). May contain traces of nuts.
50 grams per bar

Weight 0,05 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 0,5 cm


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