Far and wide aged porcelana venezuela dark 71 percent
Far and wide – Zesty Venezuela Dark 71 percent


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Far and wide – Zesty Venezuela Dark 71 percent



Taste a vibrant rich palette of: coffee, tangerine, orange, green herbs, bay leaf, and licorice.

This Guasare cocoa is grown by the Marquez family in the Perijá Mountains, Venezuela. A rich flavor with contrasting notes defines its spicy character.

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The cocoa for this bar is grown on the Los Laureles estate, run by the Marquez family in Venezuela. Close to the Colombian border in the rugged mountains, the Serrania Perijá Valley is full of all that nature has to offer. Multi cropping: cocoa, coffee, beans and plantain go hand in hand in this region. This is an area where the oldest remains of cocoa trees in Venezuela are found. Together with the University of Paris, the Marquez family has started research into the DNA of different Guasare cocoa varieties grown on separate plantations (estates) in that region. Some plantations exhibited strands of Criollo DNA in their genetics, while Los Laureles seemed to be an example of classic Guasare DNA. A nursery is established to retrieve and preserve this Guasare DNA by selecting pure genotypes and grafting seedlings for replanting this ancient cocoa variety.

In recent decades, the region has suffered from deforestation due to human activities. The Marquez family has also started an initiative to preserve native cocoa varieties and agroforestry systems in the region. A program in which farmers are encouraged to plant cedar trees for shade and grow cocoa without deforestation.


Cocoa and cocoa butter 71 percent, sugar

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