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Cocoa powder TCS origin Peru 200 gr.


Alkalized Cacao Powder TCS: Organic, vegan and versatile from Peru!

Our alkalized cocoa powder from Peru is organic and vegan, which makes it a responsible choice for chocolate lovers. But what is the best way to use this delicious product?

Alkalized cocoa powder is ideal for making chocolate and chocolate milk, thanks to its rich flavor and velvety texture. But it’s also a versatile ingredient for a variety of desserts. Think, for example, of a creamy chocolate cake or a delicious chocolate cake. You can even use it as a topping for your favorite dessert, giving your dish that extra edge.

And how about homemade chocolate truffles? Roll these treats in the alkalized cocoa powder for a beautiful finish and irresistible flavor. A real treat for any chocolate lover!

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Where does our Cacao powder come from?

The cocoa trees from which cocoa powder is made have their origin in South America. Our organic cacao powder also comes from here, from Peru to be exact.

Cacao trees (Theobroma) produce pods that are about 15 to 25 cm long. Each pod contains around 20 to 40 cocoa beans in white flesh.

The pods are opened and emptied after harvesting. The removed pulp is then placed in the sun for several days to ferment. After this drying process, the beans are broken into small pieces and peeled in a winnowing mill. These pure cocoa pieces can then be ground into a fine paste. The cocoa paste is sieved to separate the remaining pieces from the butter. As a final step, the leftover pieces are ground into a dark cocoa powder.

Alkalized Cocoa

Alkalized cocoa is also called Dutch cocoa, because this process is often done in the Netherlands. In this process, the natural cocoa is washed with a potassium carbonate solution, which ensures that the acid in the cocoa is neutralized. This always makes the cocoa dark brown and does not vary in color and taste.

Dutch (alkalized) cocoa is different from the cocoa that is known in other countries, this is the reason that alkalized cocoa is also called “Dutch cocoa” in America. The alkalizing of cocoa was discovered in 1828 by Coenraad van Houten and further perfected around 1900. The processing makes the taste softer and more intense.


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