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Acalli, EL PLATANAL PERU 70%, Chulucanas


Acalli EL PLATANAL PERU 70% Chulucanas. Chulucanas is a name that chocolate lovers should remember as it is quickly growing into Peru’s largest cocoa-producing regions. The beans come from the area of El Platanal. Which is characterized by a dramatic river valley and the Andes. There is a fairly constant supply of water and a humid micro-climate. Thanks to the steep walls of the valley, it is a beautiful landscape for growing cocoa beans.

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The El Plantal cooperative has 54 plantations, 14 of which are run by women. Most of the growers are first generation cocoa farmers. As a result, the quality of the cocoa is very remarkable. This bar, Acalli EL PLATANAL PERU 70 Chulucanas, won the “Good Food Award” award in 2015 thanks to its fruity acidity and fruity notes. There is no cocoa butter added to this bar so it melts a little less quickly and the taste lingers nicely.

Origin: El Platanal, Chulucanas, Peru

Cocoa percentage: 70%

Tastes like: Plums and tangerines, light and a fruity acidity. Subtle chocolate taste.

Cacao variety: Unclassified it resembles a mix of Nacional, Maranon and beans from above the Amazon. White bean content is on most cocoa pods 40-60%.

Ingredients: Organic cocoa and organic sugar.

Extra: The bar was processed in an area that also handles dairy products.

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