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Zoto Dark Chocolate d.r. Congo 75 percent


NEW Zoto Congo 75%

Fermentation: 7 day box (100 kg) 4 turns
Drying: 6 days open air sun drying, tarpaulin
Roasting: 120 C, 19 min

Flavor notes: Watermelon, peach, chamomile

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Back in 2013, Zoi and Tom joined the Ingemann team. We were hired to produced the best beans of the world and make them popular. During 2.5 years we worked hard: we helped design logistic routes, created quality control procedures and post-harvest protocols. Innovative marketing in the cocoa sector by story telling – science based and authentic. Our motivation: preserving special, unique local varieties…

Ingemann established something nobody ever did before: bringing 6 single variety cocoas to the market and at that time 2 regional blends. All post-harvest controlled to extract the max potential of each type of bean in terms of flavor.

Weight 0,045 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 1 cm


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