Tribar Dark Chocolate Mango Ucuyali Peru 73 percent.

About Tribar:
Tribar is a craft chocolate company located in Lima, Peru. We are one of the few chocolatiers in the world that produces chocolate in the same country from which the cocoa it uses comes from. Tribar began as an experiment, a family adventure in which they wanted to make a good chocolate with cocoa from the family farm. During our adventure, we discovered that our mission is to make the best chocolate with the extraordinary cocoa beans that our country, Peru, gives us.
Using only the best ingredients for its preparation, we managed to make excellent quality chocolate in the same place of origin of the beans. We strive for excellence, we do not stop learning. Little by little, we start experimenting with different flavors, ingredients and textures in small batches. We want to make delicious, creative and responsible chocolate.