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Tobago Cocoa Estate Chocolate – Cacao Ball 100 Percent


Tobago Cocoa Estate Chocolate – Cacao Ball 100 Percent with condiments for tea or rub.
This ball of cocoa (cocoa ball) is made from 100% cocoa and is made in the traditional way of cocoa mass, which is refined with spices and then dried in the air.

No coconut butter added

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Take tea for the cocoa: 2 ground tablespoons of cocoa powder for 1 cup of hot water, boil for 5 minutes, strain and add milk and sugar as needed. Also great with grilled meats and fish or stews. Cacao is a typical Trinitario with notes of red cherries and dried fruits.

Award for the Cocoa Ball 100% Cocoa:
The chocolate was awarded the coveted Great Taste Award 2011 2014 in London.

Duane Dove was born in Tobago and is a sommelier. He lives in Stockholm, where he also celebrates with chocolate and rum. It was always his dream to produce his own chocolate and have his own plantation with his own cocoa in his homeland. He simply called them: Tobago Cocoa Estate West Indies Ltd.

The first chocolate from the island of Tobago, the sister island of Trinidad. The beans come from a plantation founded in 2004 by Duane Dove. It took six years to “harvest” the fruits of the labor, the chocolate. The beans François Pralus are processed in his factory in Roanne in France.

TIP: If you’re spending your vacation in Trinidad or Tobago, don’t miss a chocolate tour at Tobago Estate Chocolate’s cocoa plantation. Very often, she is led directly by the boss Duane Dove. You can tell right away that he has a passion for chocolate!

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