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Tan Bun Skrati – Tree to Bar Chocolate 72 Percent


Tan Bun Skrati – Tree to Bar Chocolate 72 Percent

Tree to bar

The bars of Tan Bun Skrati are processed in its entirety in Suriname. All stages of processing are carried out by the same hands: harvesting, fermenting, drying, roasting, winnowing, milling, tempering, casting and packaging.

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Tan Bun Skrati – Tree to Bar Chocolate 72 Percent


The beans for this batch of 72% chocolate come from the cocoa garden in Tiger Creek, Saramacca. They were harvested on June 18, 2017 and fermented for 71.5 hours.

Fine Flavor Cacao

The trees in the Tiger Creek garden are Trinitarios: A fine flavor cacao that yields this cacao variety. The planting consists of about 150 trees in total, many young trees, some of which are just starting to bear fruit. But also some trees that are more than 60 years old. It is cared for by four brothers. The garden is a stone’s throw from the Saramacca River, near the estuary. The cacao grows between banana plants and mango, pomeraque, breadfruit and citrus trees.

Ripening, roasting and grinding

After finishing fermentation and drying, the beans are aged for another 6 months. They were roasted on November 27, 2017. The nibs were then placed in a mill/melangeur on stone ground for 7 hours. A seven-hour grind is relatively short, resulting in a slightly rough texture. But it benefits the taste. The more subtle, volatile flavors haven’t been ground down. The chocolate was tempered and poured into bars on December 22.

Limited edition

Tan Bun Skrati processes its cocoa in very small batches. Below the company logo on the bar, you will find a diagram. It’s a crossmark and a numbering. The crosses indicate the intensity of the chocolate. 1 cross = mild, 2 crosses = full-bodied; 3 crosses = robust. The numbering tells you which song of the total edition is your bar.

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Dimensions 11,5 × 5 × 0,5 cm


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