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Svenska Kakaobolaget – 74 percent Dominican Republic


Svenska Kakaobolaget – Dominican Republic – Oko Caribe 2017 harvestA dark chocolate with a fine tuned balance between notes of honey, red berries and nuts. And no added vanilla, of course.

For this chocolate we use cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic. Öko-Caribe is a well established fermentary in the Duarte province. The fermentary buys from neighbouring farms and ferments about 450 tonnes a year.

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Fredrik and Ulrika name their summer of 2013 as the “vacation that never ended”. When in Österlen, a small Swedish village, making a quick pitstop for a cup of coffee, the pair fortuitously left with the keys to a 19th century red brick school building. This had been the confectionary factory Österlenchoklad. Fredrik and Ulrika left their busy lives in the city for their new home in the Swedish countryside.

Three months after purchasing the factory, the couple founded Svenska Kakaobolaget – “The Swedish Cacao Company”.

This dark milk chocolate is crafted from cacao grown in the Duarte province in the Dominican Republic. Öko Caribe, a fermentary founded in 2006 by two cacao professionals, buy wet cacao from smallholder farmers and ferment and dry the beans. The cacao is fermented between five and six days in four tier wooden boxes, however this can be tailored to the chocolate makers’ specifications, and then the beans are dried using solar drying beds. The beans are not sun-dried due to the tropical humidity and showers.

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