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Svenska Kakaobolaget – 70 percent HONDURAS – Cortés


Svenska Kakaobolaget – 70 percent HONDURAS – Cortés. Dark chocolate with deep notes of hazelnut, crème caramel and fudge

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Cacao Direct started in 2014, in the remote area of Wampusirpi in the Rio Plátano Biosphere Reserve in La Moskitia. In 2016, the activities were expanded to include another fermentation center in the more accessible area near San Pedro Sula in the department of Cortés.

A blend of the native cacao Mayan Red and other Trinitario clones are grown.
The cocoa is first fermented for six days and turned four times. Later, they apply a very slow sun-drying method to trays for low astringency and acidity.

Cacao Direct buys beans at a premium price all year round, providing a reliable source of income for the growers. Cacao Direct now works with around 240 farmer groups/families at the two locations and produces around 120 tonnes of dried cocoa per year. At the end of 2017, we started working with Cacao Direct and we buy the beans directly from Cortés.

Ingredients: Cocoa, organic cane sugar.
May contain traces of nuts and milk
50 grams per bar

Weight 0,05 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 0,5 cm


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