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Rokbar Single Origin Kimbiri Peru 70 percent


Rokbar is a delicious chocolate bar that rocks!
-New Batch-

Our mission is to empower women by changing the way that cocoa chains are organized. We invest in a chain that allows women to fully own and profit from the chocolate business.

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Skirtbar 100% Made & Owned by Women

This Rokbar you are about to enjoy is made from organic native cocoa produced by women from the Kimbiri region in the Peruvian Amazon. Lisi Montoya, owner of the chocolate factory Shattell in Lima, buys the cocoa from the female farmers and turns it into premium quality chocolate. Rokbar and Shattell agreed to work together, to launch the first chocolate in the world that is 100% made and owned by women.

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Dimensions 11,5 × 5 × 0,5 cm


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