Nix Peanut Butter Bar Original box 4 pieces


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Nix Peanut Butter Bar Original box 4 pieces


Peanut Butter Bar

Now Nix Peanut Butter Bar is also within your reach.

A ‘Peanut Butter Bar’ is a kind of brownie based on peanut butter and chocolate from The Chocolate Shop, but much tastier.

There are 4 pieces in a box! Made with the best and fairest chocolate you can find.

Scroll down for the list of ingredients. After receipt, it can be kept for +/- 5 days from the refrigerator.

Too good: made by Nix, powered by The Chocolate Shop.


Nix: After a beautiful hike in ‘Arches National Park’ Utah we were introduced to a ‘peanut butter bar’ in Moab. Well, after a hike, almost everything tastes delicious, but this was something from another planet!

Back in The Hague we put on our ‘sneeky boots’ and sent an email. Of course, recipes are not just shared. When I explained that we try to recreate a dish from all the countries we visit and that they were No. 1 for the US, we got it! After some experimentation with the ingredients, the ‘NIX’ Peanut Butter Bar was born. Ray and Sanna from ‘The Chocolate Shop’ on the Mient were so sweet to put it in the shop as a ‘try out’. There, all our expectations were exceeded and the ‘NIX’ has now become a much sought-after product next to the delicious chocolate from ‘The Chocolate Shop’ itself, of course.


Sugar, flour, peanut butter, plant-based butter, condensed milk, egg, vanilla sugar and baking powder.

May contain traces of nuts.

Weight 0,5 kg


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