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Mellow Chocolate Kerta Semarang west Bali


West Bali

Meet Mellow Chocolate bean-to-bar chocolate makers from Denmark, Copenhagen!

A strong chocolate bar with flavour notes of sandalwood, wild honey and a pleasantly astringent walnut.

A Criollo hybrid and local Trinitario cocoa varieties are grown in West Bali, Indonesia. Fermented for 6 days under banana leaf-covered wooden boxes. To make this handmade two-ingredient chocolate, we only use cocoa beans and cane sugar. These are gently roasted and slowly ground for 4 days. Cocoa formulation 85% Java A Criollo & Trinitario Cacao.

Ingredients: Cocoa beans and cane sugar.

Important Procedures 6 days of fermentation in 3-step wooden boxes, lightly toasted and slow conched. Handmade in Copenhagen.

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Mellow Chocolate, an exclusive chocolate maker from Denmark, specializing in single-origin chocolate, with a dedication to the entire process from bean to bar.

In 2019, Mellow Chocolate began its journey in a humble attic room, steeped in history. Their mission has always remained unchanged: to create chocolate of the purest and highest quality, using only two carefully selected ingredients – carefully sourced cocoa beans and cane sugar.

The complete transformation of these beans into delicious chocolate is done by hand in their artisan shop in Copenhagen. Their processes, products, and goals are rooted in sustainability, with a strong focus on ethical cocoa farming, purely organic ingredients, and packaging that is free of renewable plastic.

The ingredient list is simple and pure:
– Cocoa beans*
-Cane sugar*

*Organic ingredients

Mellow Chocolate guarantees craftsmanship, quality, and a deep commitment to sustainability, making every bite of their chocolate a treat not only for your taste buds but also for the environment.

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