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Luisa’s Vegan Chocolates Madagascar 72 percent


Dive in Luisa’s with this bar made with beans from Madagascar. Luisa’s chocolate is featured in our Live Tasting Session 3 combined with the Tasting Kits at 14th of May.

This Madagascar bar is a limited edition on our site and in store.

Ingredients: cacao mass, unrefined sugar and cocoa butter 25 grams.


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About Luisa’s Vegan Chocolate

We are multi award-winning chocolate-makers based in Nottingham, and won the title of UK Rising Star 2019, as well as a Gold Academy of Chocolate Award, alongside a Great Taste Award.

I hand-make all my chocolate using the traditional artisan bean-to-bar process in small batches, to create fine quality chocolate bars, truffles, and other creations like our newest brownie bites. All our chocolate contains no refined sugar, is soy free, gluten free, dairy-free, preservative free, sulphites free, and vegan, with absolutely no compromise on the exquisite taste. Another unique point of my small business is the ethical ethos – we have a direct trade policy with our farmers, which cuts out the middle man, thus allowing us to pay our farmers a third more than fair-trade price. Me and my business partner have traveled to meet our farmers all the way from the Solomon Islands to Colombia, making it truly an ethical business. Our drive and commitment to help our farmers earn more for their cacao, which we have seen make the difference of sending their children to university, has led to us working with the Colombian government, who conducted an event for us at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to raise awareness of our business.

Hopefully this is useful to you in some way!


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