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Kumasi Gassi cocoa pulp drink with carbonation (1 bottle 275 ml)


Kumasi Gassi… whaaaat?

This delicious limo made from the flesh around the cocoa bean is healthy and special. It doesn’t taste like cocoa or chocolate but like a kind of mix of lychee, mango and white peach. Normally, it flows away when the cacao fruit is broken open (only the beans are used).

This can be done differently, thought the people behind Kumasi. They caught the juice and turned it into a delicious drink. It’s a win-win situation, because it also provides extra income for the farmers.


Gassi means nothing more or less than that some carbon dioxide has been added to the juice. Drink it straight from the bottle or mix it with some Gin for a unique mixed drink!

Also try Sappi, the Gassi variant but without the bubbles!

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You can just drink Kumasi straight from the bottle. Or you can make a nice cocktail with it. There are two variants on the market, both of which consist of only juice and water. Pure and without additives. Sappi (c) is the fruity thirst quencher and Gassi (c) is the tasty, pungent sister.

Kumasi is natural because it contains only delectable cocoa fruit juice and water. No additives. No junk.

Kumasi is different from the soft drinks you know. The juice from the cacao fruit has a special fresh-sweet taste that you have most likely never tasted. That’s because the juice is very difficult to collect and process. But we succeeded. Fortunately, because it is a tropical taste explosion that you really just have to taste.

Kumasi is also something else because of what we do. Cocoa farmers in Ghana have extra income (up to 30% per kilo of cocoa!) with a product that would normally flow into the ground. The idea for Kumasi came about when Lars Gierveld and Jochem Pinxteren made a documentary about the cocoa industry in West Africa. Together with a number of Ghanaian farmers, this gave rise to the idea for this sustainable venture. It wasn’t easy, but after two years of juice, sweat in tears, I did it. The movement has started and everyone can easily join in: just by drinking Kumasi. Good for yourself and good for the world.


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