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Idilio No. 9 Cooperativa Amazonas Cocoa Nibs Venezuela


Tablet of dark chocolate from criollo cacao with 70% cocoa content with nibs

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Idilio stands for connection with nature, the diversity of the mixed culture of tropical plants and fruits, the utmost care in the cultivation and harvesting of cocoa beans, the careful fermentation and drying in the sun. In Spanish, the word “idilio” means small poem that sings of the romance of living close to nature, a sweet experience, a trifle. Idilio’s vision resulted in a numbered series of tablets.

No. 9, Coöperativa Amazonas, 72% Cacao, Amazonia Venezuela

The source area of the Venezuelan Amazon is considered the possible origin of the criollo cacao variety. It seems that the species has reproduced along the Venozolan coast to the Andes and meso American high cultures. At the origin of the Orinoco River, this cocoa is grown by the Indian Amazonas cooperative.


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