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Honey jar 450 gr. Vruchtenbuurt The Hague 2023 autumn


Honey 2023 autumn Vruchtenbuurt The Hague

This beautiful clear honey is extracted by Paul Wouters from the vicinity of the Mient. Opposite our shop is the entrance to the vegetable gardens and there you can see, voila, the beehives. The honey tastes like clovers and dandelions, real honey from early bloomers.

This honey comes from free bees from the Vruchtenbuurt and Paul of course makes sure that there is enough honey left over for the bees themselves. Flung with love and care!

Read the application for hay fever below!


* maybe Paul’s jars of honey have just run out, that’s how it goes with a natural product, then you will receive a jar of honey from “The Laughing Beekeeper” Bart. Bart has his bee colony at the allotments in the Kornoeiljestraat in The Hague.

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Nothing beats a jar of local, in this case Haagse Vruchtenbuurt honey!

Did you know that it is not only very tasty but can also help against hay fever?!

It’s actually quite simple: locally produced honey contains a small amount of local pollen that people with hay fever are so allergic to. This pollen is also found in the honey by the bees when they are looking for nectar.

By eating a small amount of honey (a spoonful) every day, you build up resistance to this local pollen.

However, it is important that you use honey from your living environment. So that you can be sure that the bees have been in contact with the pollen that bothers you.

Honey from the supermarket probably comes from abroad, so that’s of little use to you!

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