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Hoja Verde 72% Esmeraldas BIO


Hoja Verde chocolate 72% from Ecuador.

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This beautiful 72% bar features a well-balanced flavor with a strong exotic fruit aroma. This delicious blend of cocoa with just enough sugar to slightly soften the bitter base is sure to satisfy chocolate lovers.
This chocolate is excellent with a wide range of red wines and coffee.

The cocoa for Hoja Verde’s chocolate comes from the asociación Aproca in the Esmeraldas province in northern Ecuador. She knows four hundred families as members. Through such an association, small farmers affiliated with it can taste and test their own chocolate. So they are not dependent on reports from clients who may have different tastes (or interests).

These are 100% organic certified nacional cocoa beans. The renowned refined cocoa from Ecuador. The plantations take into account the conservation of natural resources and the environment. The cocoa trees grow among and among tropical plants and trees, providing a natural balance. This is better for both the farmer and the environment in the long run.

The taste of Bernardini

The German chocolate expert and author of the acclaimed book Der Schokoladentester, has put together the recipe for the Hoja Verde bars. He flew to the factory in Quito especially for it. After all, tastes differ from continent to continent and sometimes even from country to country.

Flavor Profile: Lively and balanced to perfection, with impressions of exotic flowers and honey.
Ingredients: cocoa mass, cane sugar, no cocoa butter added


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